Aussies feel social media fails to stop ‘scam war’

27 June

Australians are concerned social media platform giants are failing to stop scams and even encouraging the online phenomena. The Australian Banking Association released research on Wednesday revealing 39 per cent of Australians believe Meta – the...[Read More]

Essential Components for Crafting an Effective Business Plan

20 June

Creating a business plan is a crucial step for any entrepreneur or business owner. It serves as a roadmap, guiding the business from its initial stages through growth and development.    A well-crafted business plan not only helps in securing...[Read More]

Introduction to starting a trade

4 July

Entering a trade can be a rewarding and lucrative career path, offering a blend of practical skills, hands-on work, and, often, the opportunity to be your own boss.  Unlike many traditional career paths, trades typically require less time in formal...[Read More]

Underinsurance in Australia – How you can avoid becoming a statistic

4 July

Every now and then, you may notice a friend, relative or acquaintance post a fundraising plea to help out a family that lost a parent or provider, or to support the education or hospitalisation of an orphaned child left in the care of elderly...[Read More]

PM spruiks cost of living measures

4 July

Anthony Albanese is defending the government’s financial aid for voters, as a senator’s suspension threatens to distract from much-heralded energy rebates and other support. Australian households will shave $300 off their energy bills and...[Read More]

Retail sales rise 0.6 per cent as sales start early

4 July

An early start to end-of-financial-year sales lured in bargain-hunters last month, contributing to a larger-than-expected 0.6 per cent lift in retail sales. The monthly gain beat the 0.3 per cent month-on-month consensus forecast and followed a...[Read More]

More cracks in labour market as fewer job ads posted

4 July

Employers are still looking to fill more open positions than before the pandemic started but job ad numbers are falling at an increasingly rapid rate as the economy slows. In the June quarter, ANZ and Indeed recorded a 7.1 per cent decline in the...[Read More]

Car sales hit speed bump as buyers step on the brake

4 July

Australian motorists are finally taking their foot off the accelerator for new car purchases after more than a year of record-breaking sales. Figures released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries on Wednesday showed drivers bought more...[Read More]

No more pretty packaging and flavours, new vape laws

4 July

Black-market tobacco and e-cigarettes are in the sights of authorities as overhauled vaping laws come into effect. From now on vapes will only be allowed to be sold in pharmacies over the counter, and only after chemists have a discussion with the...[Read More]

Watchdog warning ends Google deal with Telstra, Optus

3 July

Australia’s two biggest telcos will be restrained from accepting further payments by Google for pre-installing software on their smartphones after a warning from the competition watchdog. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission revealed...[Read More]

Separation and divorce are fairly simple legal processes

23 May

No matter how sincere and pure people’s intentions are when they utter their marriage vows and say ‘I do’, there comes a time in some marriages when the relationship irretrievably breaks down. In such cases, separation is usually inevitable...[Read More]

Would you show Facebook your ID? The govt wants to know

3 July

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat could be asked to participate in the Australian government’s age-assurance technology trial to assess whether it would stop teenagers from accessing social media and pornography. But communications...[Read More]

Some useful tips to grow your superannuation

27 June

Retirement is a period most people eagerly anticipate. It’s that wonderful stage of life when you can finally unwind and spend your time as you please. You can even spend retirement focusing on the businesses you’ve been planning and have put...[Read More]

Understanding the Importance of Income Protection Insurance

13 June

When we think about insurance, our minds often gravitate toward the tangible assets we own. We insure our cars against accidents, our homes against damage, and even the contents within our homes against theft or loss.  Yet, one of the most critical...[Read More]

Starting a New Job: Tips for Success and the Top 10 Jobs

27 June

Starting a new job is a pivotal moment, filled with both excitement and nerves. Whether embarking on your first career or making a significant shift, the early days at a new workplace are crucial for setting the tone for your future success and...[Read More]